“Over a third of millennial fathers struggle with their mental health when balancing their responsibilities as parents and workers.”
Simon Blake OBE, Chief Executive Mental Health First Aid England

fatherhood WORKSHOPS helps organisations ideate solutions that enable the dads in their employment to perform to the best of their ability. Our flagship sessions assist working fathers in areas including:

Mental health

New fathers experience increased rates of stress, depression and negative mental health. Supporting dads during this time is crucial for their health and your business. In 2018, the UK economy lost £35 billion due to mental health issues.

Working practices

New dads often struggle to replicate the work schedule they undertook before having a child. Listening to their concerns, appeasing their guilt and discussing an altered or flexible working schedule can pay huge dividends for businesses in terms of staff morale and retention.

Social connectivity

Nearly a quarter of men feel isolated when they first become a father. Helping dads to connect with other fathers is crucial, as employees who feel strong social relationships at work have significantly higher levels of wellbeing and engagement. 

Job satisfaction

Recent research shows that a significant percentage of dads are unhappy or experiencing tension at work. Finding the root of this issue and fixing it is a huge business priority, as research has shown that happy employees are up to 20% more productive.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness programmes have been proven to re-energise staff, attract new talent and save companies money. By using fatherhood WORKSHOPS to discover the wishes of the working dads in your employment, you can develop a cost-effective strategy for retaining and recruiting highly skilled working fathers.

Sources of information: Gallup, Movember, OptumHealth, The University of Warwick, Harvard Business Review, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, The Millennial Dad at Work report conducted by Daddilife in association with Deloitte.

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