Career dads

“Our research has shown that UK fathers experience a very high level of work-family conflict, with both work affecting their family life and family responsibilities affecting their productivity at work.”
Professor Margaret O’Brien, Professor in Child and Family Policy at University College London and Director of the Thomas Coram Research Unit

The situation

Dads are carrying out a greater proportion of childcare than ever before, but many organisations’ working cultures have not been updated to reflect this. This failure to understand and embrace the lives of modern fathers is costing companies money, time and talent.

The statistics

According to the latest research, 1/3 of fathers have changed jobs since becoming a dad, 37% of dads have had their mental health negatively affected trying to balance work and parenting and 44% of fathers believe they are not treated equally to mothers in the workplace.

The solution

Use fatherhood WORKSHOPS to discover what the dads in your business want. By giving the fathers within your organisation a platform, you can reduce their stress, energise their careers, attract new hires, and boost talent retention.

Sources of information: Office of National Statistics, Fathers and the workplace, First Report of Session 2017–19, The Millennial Dad at Work report conducted by Daddilife in association with Deloitte.

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